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Baritone Saxophone Reeds > Rico Jazz Select Filed
Rico Jazz Select Filed
The Rico Select Jazz™ cut features a strong, well-defined heart and longer vamp, yielding unprecedented projection and a clear, fat tone, with unsurpassed flexibility and lightning-fast response. Available with or without a French file.

The file is the area behind the vamp where the bark is sanded off in a straight line. It provides freedom of response, especially in the low register, making soft attacks and subtones easier.

The file also makes the tone slightly brighter. An option to fine-tune the sound, the file is often preferred by players who use round-chambered mouthpieces, such as Meyer™ or Otto Link™. For those who play medium- to small-chambered, bright-sounding mouthpieces, such as Beechler™, Berg Larsen™ or Dukoff™, an unfiled reed is usually preferred.

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Reeds in a box: 5 filed
Price: $59.75

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